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Shona McCullagh

A NZ Arts Laureate, Shona brings her extensive skills and experience as a choreographer, artistic director, filmmaker, producer and interactive installation artist to your collaborative table. The concepts and choreography Shona creates for television commercials, music videos, films and live events are completely unique and she enjoys dreaming up ideas that will encapsulate in a highly creative way the brands and events she works with. There is frequent use of aerial and harnessed work, striking choreography, performance installation and more recently, video projection elements alongside the stunning performers The Human Agency houses.

Her award winning work as a filmmaker has had her work celebrated at festivals such as Sundance, London Film Festival and Clermont Ferrand.  In 2008 Shona was invited to Poland to create an outdoor interactive installation at a festival hosting the biggest ever retrospective of NZ film.

Feature film clients range from Peter Jackson (King Kong; Fellowship of the Ring) to Andrew Adamson (The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe).

Choreography for television series includes - Legends of the Seeker, Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules, Amazon High and This is Not My Life. TVC’s include - Havoline, Caltex, Lotto and Autotrader.

For live events, any style of music, costuming and choreography can be implemented for a cutting edge visual feast. Shona is a big fan of highend use of AV, and frequently writes scripts that link the use of video with live performance components. Her use of realtime interactive technology means branding logos, look and feels can be incorporated to create unique events that people simply remember.

A selection of corporate work includes

Steinlager Rugby Awards 2012,2011,2010, 2009
Westpac Christmas Events 2010,2009
Harcourts Conference Launch (NZ & Aust) 2012, 2011, 2010
Mercedes Benz Launch 2009
Fame premiere, Sky City 2009
Bell Gully Xmas event 2007
Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Awards 2008 and2006
NBR New Zealand Opera Auction 2005

To contact Shona to discuss your event please email [email protected]

Chris Wilkey

I have a strong narrative and visual approach to entertainment and design. I believe that quality audience experiences are the key to lasting impressions and that this can be achieved with narrative and visual media in its many forms.

My style can be eclectic, classical, subtle or loud as required by the client's brief and all forms allow a great degree of creative interpretation.

My creative tools include

• Stage and outdoor performance design
• Technical and content management of video media
• Special effects production - fireworks and pyrotechnics
• Circus, cabaret and talent management
• Directing and producing
Achievements include:

• The design and touring of special effects in the UK with "Cirque De Glace" in 2008/2009.
• Numerous corporate events managing entertainment, special effects and product launch's for BMW, Harcourt’s, Vodafone NZI and others.
• Nationwide art festival presentations and community events involving pyrotechnics, dance, video projection and circus.
• Rock concerts and Australasia tours with Rhythm and Vines and the Big Day Out.
• Participation in the Burningman project Nevada USA 2004, 2006, 2009

Technology, Theatre and Art:

My interest in technology, theatre and art are at the forefront of my design aesthetics. This combination allows for unique and original production designs and is at the heart of memorable events and entertainment.


My experiences from locations around the world have left strong impressions and exposure to different cultures is a key ingredient to different ways to do and see things, which then can be translated into professional qualities and of benefit to a wider audience.

Samuel Wheeler

2010 "From Grandma to Grandson Exhibition" at Artstation

Awards: Highly Commended Special Effects Make Up Proffessional at Taupo Body Art Festival 2010


•Valley of the Succubus (currently in production)

2009 AV Director for the Tauranga Body Art Show

2008 Actor

•Carnie in Laundry Warrior

•Death Dealer Vampire Guard in Underworld 3


•"Sacred Heart" Short Film

•"Watch This" Short Film

2007-2008Body Artist/Animation Lecturer/Multi-media Artist for Nocturnal Customs

Awards: 2nd Special Effects Creature

Special Commendation Special Effects Mask

New ZealandBody Art Awards 2007

March 2004 – 2005CGI Tutor for FreelanceAnimationSchool

•NZQA content delivery and support

•Curriculum development

•Tutor for 2nd and 3rd year CGI animation

•ACE; Certificate in Impact for Trainers

2001 – 2004Editor/Publication Co-ordinator for Unitec Student Union

•Editor of In Unison magazine

•Directing two In Unison CDs, mastered by Kog Transmissions featuring Del Ray System, Concorde Dawn, Nesian Mystic, One Million Dollars, Tomachi, The Mercenaries etc

1998 – 1999Designer/Mac Operator/Multimedia for LoopMagazine

•Cartoonist/illustrator for In Dah Loop, an entertainment page for Loop Magazine

•Production, advertising, distribution and desktop publishing

•Conceiving and co-directing Loop CD for September issue to coincide with their first coverprice issue featuring Trinity Roots, Shapeshifter, King Kapisi, Bongmaster, House of Downtown, Twinset, 50hz etc

1994 – 1996Animator

Toonz Animation

•Animation and Key clean up artist subcontracting to Walt Disney Television on such shows as Tex Tinstar, Pith Possum, Quack Pack, Timon and Pumba, Redux Riding Hood, Third Pig (only animated episode from Tales from the Crypt)

•Animator for Jungle Fungus "More or Less" Music Video

•Animator for Catflap Studios, Sydney. Australia

•Animator for Flying Fish Studios, Sydney. Australia


•UNITEC; Diploma in Television and Video Production

•UNITEC; Certificate in Television and Video Production

•A.S.A.;Diploma in Fine Art Majoring in Film-Making

•  The NZ Film Academy; Certificate in applied film-making

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